Tuesday, June 25, 2013

End of the Road

I never thought I'd say that this blog has served it's purpose and that it's closing down.

Never thought I'd say it's the end of the road.

Fact is...I'm too busy to keep up with it and because of other things I'm currently involved with, I don't have the time to write a blog or read others blogs.

I am so thankful for the friends I've met along the way. I've met many different people in the last 4 years. There were some that I thought would be life long friends who moved on to bigger, better (eye roll) things and forgot about me and others who have never left.

There were others, who I never foresaw connecting with in the way that I have that will, in fact, be life long friends. I'm exceedingly grateful for them.

I started blogging at a time that I was just coming out of the mire and muck of dirty diapers, spit up, isolation and, yes, I'll admit it, depression. The depression comes from being an active member in society and suddenly being thrust into the stay at home mom mold. Don't get me wrong, I wanted that more than anything and I'm so blessed to be able to have had it and still have it. But you do feel very isolated and alone at times.

I loved having a forum for my writing, which I love to do, still. I loved being a voyeur into others' lives and see what makes people tick.

I can say that I have friends all over this country now. I can't think of a state where I don't know someone through blogging. I even know people in other countries, which is fun.

So, if you're my friend on FB, you'll see me around. And perhaps I'll crop up in another space...ya never know.

I'll stop in as much as I can (or remember, since all of a sudden i have no memory skills) to see what's going on with you all.

But as for Living in France...well...it's time to say goodbye.

I love you all.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miracle Gro Makes My Black Thumb Green

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of year again! The time where I just want to sit and look at pretty flowers. Alas, to get those pretty flowers that I can look at, I have to plant them!

Luckily, my sweet brother and his family gave me some pretty flowers for my birthday!!

I love fun garden projects that aren't too complicated so I got to work.

I had a couple small pots sitting around in my garden stuff so I gathered them up with my flowers and went to work. 

First, I put some nice soil in the bottom of the pot. Broke up the roots of the flowers and put them in the pot. After getting 3 plants in I filled in with more soil. 


Then I used my favorite Miracle-Gro product, Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food. I sprinkled it around the flowers and watered. It will feed my plants for up to three months!

I aslo received this beautiful purple flower from my parents for Mother's Day. I decided to give it a boost with some Shake 'n Feed, also.

Finished product!!


I've been looking around at The Gro Project. They have the cutest little project called the Toyarium!! You've got to go check it out, along with their other projects.

This video will help you to get started on your own projects.



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