Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Cursing Crafter

The Cursing Crafter Is Born
What exactly, you may ask, is The Cursing Crafter? Well, in a nutshell the answer is me.
I do a lot of things, I just don't do them well. I am also a notorious "half-asser." There are times I tend to curse like a sailor. I don't know why,'s something that’s ingrained. If you could hear inside my head you'd think I suffer from tourettes. If you add all of these thing together you get me: The Cursing Crafter.

In having a discussion with my friend about a project I was working on, I told her that it was a one curse craft. As in, it's so easy and fun to do, you might curse only once while making it...that is, if you are a Cursing Crafter.

We decided that I should come up with a rating system for my crafts:
Single Curse Craft (SCC) = Easy
Double Curse Craft (DCC) = Some difficulty
Triple Curse Craft (TCC) = Pain In The Rear
Too Many To Count Curse Craft = This is a craft that should be left to people who don’t half-ass things and who may or may not be professional crafters. Chances are I’ll try it, but it will get R rated before I’m finished.

A good example of a Too Many To Count Curse Craft is my dining room set. This wasn’t merely a crafty project. This was a re-finish/re-furbish crap fest. It almost cost me a new set of dining furniture.

So join me on my creative journey toward making things that are fabulously crafty. It’ll be a bumpy ride and you may learn some new words you never knew.