Thursday, March 1, 2012

Organization Station {For Library Books}

Lately I've been getting totally confused by all of the books around here. I mean, the boys check out books from the school library, the public library and they have their own books.

At any given moment in time each boy can and will be reading about 3 books.

They all get mixed up and the little labels on them saying which library they go to aren't obvious enough for me to keep track of.

I've sent Little Boy to school with his public library book to return. I've tried to return his school library book to the public library. I've even tried to return books they own to the libraries.

It's way irritating. Books end up being late because I we return the wrong ones to the wrong places and then have to try to find the right one to return and the little guys don't get to go back to the school library for a week.

Bleh! What a pain.

Last week I got a bug up my butt. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I needed to organize these stupid books!

I thought about baskets, but those can get picked up and moved and the last thing I want is the borrowed books being carted all over the house when they're not being read. Too easy to lose em.

No, I needed something more stationary. Like a hanging magazine rack that's functional and cute, because lets face it, it's gotta be cute!

I sit and think and decide maybe I'll head down to the Teen Challenge. Kinda like Goodwill but way better prices. Maybe they'll have something interesting I could use...

I went down and found these 3 separate black magazine holders that you hang on the wall. That could work!

I bring em home and realize that they are actually supposed to be one piece, they just needed put together.

I put em together, made some labels to differentiate between the school library, the public library and books they are currently reading that we own.

I taped the labels with some awesome Duck Tape that I won from Viv to make it look more boyish, and hung it on their bedroom wall.

i promise it's not crooked, it's just the way i shot the picture. cuz i'm crooked.

close up of the label with a fun font and the awesome duck tape.

So guess how much this cost me. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ya done?

It cost a whopping $1.99.

For reals.

My best thrifting deal evah! Booyah!


Terry said...

Nice job. I love cute things. I love organizational things. But seriously a cute organizational thing, uh huh!! If you get a second, you should link up to our party today:

Cathy said...

Brilliant!! I love finding useful stuff at thrift stores, mainly because then I can say "See this? I got it for TWO dollars!" I'm a sucker for a good deal.

Em said...

there is almost nothing i love more than organization. NOTHING!!!

Xazmin said...

I LOVE it!

Furry Bottoms said...

What a great idea!!!! And I never got into the duck tape craze. Like being able to make a rose out of duck tape in different colors. That would really, really, really push me over the edge!!

So I like your simplistic use of it. It works!

Jen @ said...

Wow - what a great idea Mimi!! I lvoe it :)

Have a great day my friend!!


VandyJ said...

You have just reminded me that I need to go through Turbo's shelves and weed out the books that are too easy for him now and move them to Bruiser's room, with a bit of judicious culling to reduce the sheer number of books floating around our house.
I like your solution. I may need something like that one of these days soon.

Allyson said...

That is absolute genius!! I don't personally have that problem, but my sister does. Her 2 daughters have school library books, public library books, and home books and they all get mixed up and moved around and it's kind of a disaster. So, I'm going to share this with her. She probably won't find the kick ass deal that you did, but at least the idea is something she could incorporate. Get on with yo bad self and yo badass duck tape!

Helene said...

Oh. My. God. That is brilliant!!

Right now, the library is stalking me because I can't find one of the books that the kids checked out. Cole's lost one of his school library books and Garrett and Landon have seemed to misplaced one of their book bags from their school.

And the book I thought we found and returned to their school was actually one of our books from home, not a school book.

I can't keep anything straight any more.

So you can bet your sweet patooty, I'm gonna set up something similar!

tara said...

Very cute! And for only $1.99? Awesome!

Connie Weiss said...

That is a super cute and fabulous idea!

Impulsive Addict said...

I LOVE me some organization!!!! Great idea, Meems!

Mamarazzi said...

THIS is pretty much brilliant i hope Meg sees it, she will most def steal your smart!

Emmy said...

Booyah is right!!! So smart!! I always try and count my library books before we turn them in but yes I have "donated" one of our own books and currently there is a book I am 99% sure I turned in that the library is searching for. Stupid library

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

That is a fantastic idea!!! And so affordable!!!


Vodka Logic said...

Awesome.. and what a deal..

Be glad your boys are readeers. xx

becca said...

how cool is that I need to try it

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

NICE!!! I think we're headed to the library tomorrow, and I always have conflicting feelings of happiness and dread. We love reading new books, but inevitably they get strewn about, and I always fear losing one. And the unthinkable . . . having to face the librarian!

I love how you've organized yours!!

Myya said...

This is awesomesauce! LOOOOVE the duct tape, that is total rockstar right there!

Jen said...

Great idea!!! I recently redid our book space too.
Love that tape :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

Woot woot to thrift store organizing solutions!

B said...

This is an awesome idea and what a bargain! You can't go wrong for a $1.99!

Shana said...

Holla! Loves it! I so wish I got that organizing bug up my butt!

Sarah Kate said...

This is a really great idea! We have that same issue with getting all of the different books mixed up!