Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Confessions

It's Friday and you know what that means...time to confess some crap! I love Confessional with Mamarazzi!
I confess that I just sat here for 10 minutes drawing a blank as to what I was going to confess. I thought I had some stuff? Huh.
I confess I remember now! I'm signing up for my very first craft fair. Yep. Craft. Fair. Cursing Crafter on display for the whole world to see!! Or. Whoever happens to come to the fair.
I confess that this is exciting. I'm excited. And by excited I mean "about to crap my pants nervous."
I confess that it's been one of my biggest do a craft show. I feel like I'm making progress to even sign up. Now I just have to show up...then I can say I did it.
I confess that I think it will rock if tons of people come and buy my stuff! I also think it could be cool if not too many people came simply because I'm a wuss. But really, I do hope people come.
I confess that I'm all talk. All bark, no bite. If people came and critiqued my things and made any negative comments it would totally hurt my feelings.
I confess it was peer pressure that made me do it. All the ladies at the boys' school asked me if I would after they saw my ruffle totes. I'm so weak! Peer pressure. **sighs**
I confess I roped my mom into doing it with me so I won't be by my lonesome. Big reason I even considered it. Mommy to the rescue!
I confess that tomorrow I'm doing popcorn at my kids' school. It involves selling popcorn to the kids at lunch after they're done eating. I'm looking forward to it. And by looking forward to it I mean "not really."
I confess that I'm getting a blog makeover from Kelley @ The Grant Life!! SO STOKED! And by so stoked I mean, "peeing my pants excited."
I confess that I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! Take the time to remember that it's not all about eggs and bunnies.

ps: i confess i'm really glad my inlaws are getting home from disneyland tomorrow. then i can stop being green with envy. bad daughter in law.


Mamarazzi said...

i am REALLY excited that you are doing the craft fair, so so so so cool. your stuff NEEDS to be out there for people to buy. Everyone is going to love it. you should already feel confident going in with your adorable bags since the school ladies said you should sell them there.

they really are darling supah cute!!

Take luck, but just smile and make eye contact with people and you will be great...

Vodka Logic said...

Awesome about the craft fair, and when you do well you'll see others think you are awesome too.

Happy Easter to you too. xx

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I think your craft show would be awesome!! Wear depends! :)

So excited for you sounds like you've got some pretty awesome things going on!!

Wear Depends!

tara said...

You are going to own that craft fair!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

400 Wakeups said...

I have had the same feelings about craft fairs. Basically my biggest fear is that I'm sitting there, all smiley with my wares, and people are just kind of walking by (about 5' away) and glancing over, but not stopping to look or touch. And no one buys anything and it just reinforces my idea that I'm not good enough. But in the end, there is something for everyone at a craft fair and even if you get some people who are not interested, you'll get tons who are and say, "What a clever idea! I HAVE to have one of these. Hey Betty Jo! C'mon over here and look at these bags. You need one for your little Susie!" And then the day will be over and you'll be heavy in money and light in inventory and looking for your next one to sign up for! Good luck! ;)

Terry said...

You are totally going to rock that craft fair. I wish I could stop by. :)

VandyJ said...

Good luck with the craft fair.

Good luck whit the handing out of Popcorn. At Turbo's school, the student council does it, meaning the fourth and fifth graders pass out the popcorn, I think. Yeah, not so involved mom here.

Have a great Easter!

Nichole Quigley said...

new follower from mamarazzi! That's awesome you're doing a craft show! I've wanted too but I've been too nervous to sign up too!

Kenzie R. said...

That is so awesome that you are doing the craft fair! Your ruffle totes are absolutely gorgeous, and I am positive many will get bought. I have been saving my spare money in hopes I can get one!
Selling popcorn to the kids after they have eaten, doesn't sound like it would be very effective.. But ya never know :D
I wish I could go to Disneyland..

McVal said...

Happy Easter!!!!
That is SO cool you'll be in a craft fair!!! I wish I could go!
Just to watch you squirm...

Sarah Kate said...

The craft fair will be the perfect place for you to showcase your stuff!!! I'm excited for you! I hope a lot of people show up. You're so friendly and funny, people will love coming by your booth!!!

Hope ya'll have a very happy Easter!!!

Xazmin said...

Haha, I blogged about my craft show trauma too....and I didn't even read yours first!

You will be awesome. I know it!!

Also...yay on the blog makeover! I know you've been wanting one!

Connie Weiss said...

Good luck with the fair!!

Why would old people go to Disneyland?

Emmy said...

Yea!! Your bags and everything you make is amazing! I hope you have a wonderful sale.

I did a craft sale once, it was just a bunch of us doing one together-- but the people who were in charge did NOT advertise it well we had no customers, it was awful

Jolene said...

How exciting!!!!! A craft fair! Good for you!!!

Steph said...

Good luck at your craft fair! Make sure to bring business cards and whatnot. My mom did one in December and it went over very well. She's also doing one in May.

I went with her and it was a decent time. I like to people watch though.

Momma Fargo said...

I am excited for you. Craft fairs are fun and you will enjoy it. Good luck on selling out your inventory of wonderful things!

Have a happy and blessed Easter!

Mrs. Petrie said...

Good luck with the craft fair! I think your crafts are fab. :)

Mindie Hilton said...

Oh I bet you will have fun at the craft fair. I am excited and nervous for mine too. Happy Easter to you and your family!

stephanie said...

good luck with the craft show! can't wait to see the new look :)

Jessica said...

Where & when is the craft fair?

Did the kids have actual money to buy the popcorn? LOL

And yes, I'm up at 2:53am. I'm going to look absolutely beautiful today. NOT!

Myya said...

YAY on the craft fair. You is gonna rock it!!!