Monday, June 18, 2012

All About Friends

I'm pretty sure I've talked about friends here before...maybe I haven't but felt like I have because I feel so strongly about all of the connections I've made here in the blog world.

The thoughtful, kind and loving things bloggers do for their friends are astounding to me. Someone you may never "meet" in real life can become one of your very closest friends.

You share your highs and lows, laughs, heartache and struggles with each other.

I've been so blessed to make so many wonderful connections here. I've gotten help, advice, cheering and support.

And again, this year, Myya and I head to visit some awesome blog friends we've made! This is real, people. These relationships are genuine and valid.

I was surprised with a beautiful candy bouquet the other day in the mail from a dear blogging friend. It amazed me, surprised me, and made me unspeakably happy.

It also, once again, humbles me to know all of these great people. I'm truly blessed to know you all.

I'm actually not here today and guess what? Another one of my dear and fabulous blog friends stepped in at the very last minute and offered to take over and keep things running over here for me while I'm absent.

If you've ever done guest posts, you know that it can be a pain, both on a time constraint issue and just coming up with that content can be a challenge. Especially when you have a thriving blog of your own!

So the rest of this week, please welcome and show her tons of love like my loyal France followers always do for me.

Kelley designed my new blog layout, she blogs, she has 2 littles, a husband and is a stay at home mom who recently accepted a job to help someone out and has a lot on her plate! Her blog hosts linkies, does shares recipes, crafts and bits about her life as a momma.

But again, so gracious, she offered to come keep everyone company while I'm gone.

All that's left to say is see ya later and be on the look out for the hilarious (seriously, i lol'd for reals) guest posts by Kelley.

I may not want to come back!