Friday, June 29, 2012

What Utah Taught Me

Here's a list of a few of the things that Utah taught me...and in no way am I disparaging Utah. It's more about me and my problems, not Utah's. Ha!

1. I'm not addicted to coffee. I just need it.

 Xazmin gave me that pretty monogrammed one on the left and Amanda gave me that awesome polka dot one on the right. They've both had their work cut out for them this week!

2. I'm a true valley girl. As in, 300 feet above elevation, people. Not thousands of feet. Nope.

3. There are horses out there that look like statues. No. They are statues. I don't care what Myya says. Those things were statues. And they're in Oregon and Idaho too.

4. My apologies to any Idahoans out there...but...Idaho? On the freeway through Boise and down to Twin Falls?? Boring. Shoot me in the face, smells like cow doo doo...boring.

5. I like milking cows. Way too much, probably. Don't you judge me!

a cow milking a cow? the hell you say!

6. No state should be without a Chick-fil-A. None. It's not fair that it's not in Oregon. Oregon sucks! Because there's no Chick-fil-A! I'm going to marry it...I will be MiMi Chick-fil-A or it will be Chick-fil-A France. You decide.

7. MiMi love pad thai.

8. Polygamist jokes are inappropriate when in Utah. Not that everyone didn't's just that there's a high probability you will be around one of them. Whoopsies.

9. Sister Wife jokes are funny when said by a 5 year old girl.

10. I scare 4 year olds.

11. I want to punch you in the face is an acceptable substitute for "I love you."

12. Glitter toes and hair flair rock!

because i'm 3 years old and couldn't decide, i got gold and teal. the grown ups just got one color. i'm a loser.

 13. There's an open pit mine in Utah that is so big that you. can. see. it.  from. space.

14. Just because the "cast" of Sister Wives used to live in Lehi does not mean that everyone in the Lehi Cabella's is a sister wife.

15. They're crazy drivers! I'm looking at you, Jeremy. Haha!

this isn't jeremy's car, i just liked the 'stache.

16. Jeans completely disappear in Xazmin's house! Magic!

17. When you don't have enough underwear for vacation and you break into a package you've had for over a year a couple weeks that are smaller because you lost weight...those underwear fit really well. And you feel like a nerd.

18. Water tastes better in a personalized cup!

myya provided us all with these awesome cups!

And lastly...I'm just going to put this out there for you...I've never seen one of these things and I was very tired when we passed it so you really can not hold it against me. So there.

What does the name of this place mean to you?

Beans 'n Brew.

Go ahead, tell me what you think that's about.

I'll share with you the actual, real life conversation it invoked Monday. This way you still have the weekend to think that I'm smart and stuff.


Myya said...

Loooove this post! You had me cracking up thinking about all these. Beans & Brew.... YOU IDIOT!!! Lol. Status.... Ohhh macey macey macey.
You are WAY better then me...still haven't even looked through my camera. I suck.

Myya said...

Loooove this post! You had me cracking up thinking about all these. Beans & Brew.... YOU IDIOT!!! Lol. Status.... Ohhh macey macey macey.
You are WAY better then me...still haven't even looked through my camera. I suck.

Mama-Face said...

Haha. Great list. Apparently I haven't appreciated Chik-fil-A the way I should. ;) Don't take me wrong, I do love Utah, (I live here, you know), but it can be a bit of a culture shock your first time!

Now I'm dying for an explanation of #11!

McVal said...

Beans n Brew. My guess is it's a bar that also sells gas out front.

Sarah Kate said...

LOL!!! #8 took me off guard!!! Busting out laughing over here! :o)

No Chick-fil-a? It's bad enough that they're closed on Sundays, but not even having a single location in the whole state? Unacceptable.

Mrs. Petrie said...

Sounds like you had a blast! (I just started watching Sister Wives on Netflix and I can totally understand the polygamist jokes. Hehe!)

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Beans and Brew = Coffee

Did it mean Beer and beans? like BBQ

I guess I should go to Chick-fil-a...never do but, we have them...We have a Popeye's in our town. Not the same thing? I've only been there once!
I hate to admit it, but I love watching Sister Wives. :)

Shelley said...

I think I have been taking Chick fil a for granted. I do giggle when I see their billboard. It has two cows painting the billboard that says, "eat more chiken" hehe!

becca said...

great post and i'm going to say beans and brew mean you went to a bar b que joint but who knows maybe it was a coffee house

Kelley @ said...

all I can do is smile.. especially at you milking the cow. perv ;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

It seems I've heard the Beans N Brew discussion . . . on FB possibly? ;) I love your toesies. Love. I can't make up my mind about anything either. We're twins.

Stephanie McCall said...

a world without chickfila is no world at all. write that down.

I'm with you on the coffee- I don't need it but I'm a helluva lot happier {particularly to the people around me} when I've got a little java in me.

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

There is no way in hell I'm touching a cow's udder!

Furry Bottoms said...

Beans and Brew... Well, thats coffee isn't it? Coffee beans brew into the stuff you drink.

But somehow, I don't think this is what you have in mind.

Farts. Gas.

Furry Bottoms said...

Which reminds me... does coffee have calories? I don't drink coffee-- cant stand the stuff.. especially the dry mouth breath of a coffee drinker.

Steph said...

I would totally think that all women hanging out together in Utah are sister wives.

I bet people even though you and your friends were sister wives. Bahaha.

Emmy said...

My mom was visiting me when I lived in Utah- we were shopping and my mom saw a family with a bunch of kids (note I am 1 of six so come from a big family) and she made a comment about a typical Mormon family- the lady turned around all mad and said I am not Mormon I am Protestant- it was pretty dang funny.

We love Chick-fil-A they are all over in SoCal, so yummy. And I totally agree about Idaho- blah!

Shawn said...

It looks like you had another successful girls summer trip! Next is Florida right?

Lourie said...

I hate chik-filet...maybe it is the one by us. It is always crawling with unsupervised children in the enclosed playground and teenagers. And by crawling, I mean like infested like roaches. I avoid it.