Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm In Love With Two Younger Men

I didn't really talk about it much because it just wasn't my place, I felt like, but my brother's wife was pregnant with twins!

Twin boys. **le sigh** (i have a soft spot for baby boys, y'all.)

She was scheduled for a c-section on July 26th, but this past Wednesday, the 11th, her water broke.

6 weeks from a full term pregnancy and 2 weeks short of what they were aiming for with the c-section.

Of course we were a little worried since they're twins, probably small, and early. Yikes.

Wednesday night after being pushed back for emergencies and stuff, they finally took my sister in law for her c-section.

And two of the most beautiful, perfect little boys ever in the whole wide history of the world, were born. Can you tell I love them? I'm completely smitten. In love. Head over heels.

I knew my sister in law was pregnant...I knew it was twin boys...and I was excited for them to get here. But I swear, it's surreal when you know they're coming and then when they're here and you see them.

When my niece was born, their sister, I was surprised that there was this little baby, this gorgeous little person who wasn't my baby but I loved so deeply. I didn't think that could happen. But it did. And now again.

If you're friends with me on FB you've been bombarded with baby talk and some pictures because I can't. Hold. It. In!!!

This is why I've been absent this week, I've been overwhelmed with my love affair with 2 younger men.

I'll share some pictures, because I love you and I want to share the cuteness.

This is baby Michael. He is 5 lbs 1 oz and 17.5 inches long.

This is baby Joe. He is 4 lbs 6 oz and 17 inches long.
**note the size of baby's arm compared to my brother's finger.**

Last night my sister and I were lucky enough to be there when the nurse decided they could co-bed for a bit. They are keeping them separate for 48 hours because they are each hooked up to some IVs for antibiotics to fight off any potential infections. They also recently added some feeding tubes to keep their nutrition up because they're just a tad too early to have that ability to suck effectively.

Here they are when they first got skin to skin. It's true what they say about twins having a strong bond. As soon as they were together, skin to skin, baby Joe, who was awake, snuggled his head against Michael's and started making cooing noises.

And that right there? Is when I almost freaking died. Dropped dead right there. For reals.

And then Joe got tired out and zonked and Michael woke up. I swear, this is what they do all day. One is awake and the other sleeps and then vice versa.

I digress. Here's that shot. Notice little Joe is smiling.

So yeah. I'm cheating on my family. I can't stay away. I can't even hold them yet because all the tubes and stuff, but when I can I will never leave that hospital.

I'm in love.

ps: mom and dad are doing great. although...they're sort of an afterthought ya know. i'm so bad.


Grammy Goodwill said...

How special for all of you. The pictures are so sweet. Lots of snuggles in store for you.

becca said...

OMg how precious are those two

Amy said...

I've seen the pics on cute! Congrats :)

Kelley @ said...

I cried. Seriously balled. Thanks Mimi. :)

Connie Weiss said...

They are handsome little guys!!

So sweet what they do when they are together.

Mrs. Petrie said...

I totally geared up with that post. They are beautiful!

Mrs. Petrie said...

Ugh, teared, not geared. Geez.

Urban Earthworm said...

I've been watching on Facebook. They are so sweet! I'm a huge supporter of keeping twins together.

Candace Pelz said...

Loved your post! The twins are adorable!
You're on facebook? You should add me on facebook! ;)

Eschelle said...

oh they're just perfect I love how at home they look together :)

Beth said...

I'm glad they're thriving, and able to co-sleep. Skin to skin contact is SO important, for so many reasons, and clearly these little guys are going to be thick as thieves as they get older!

Vodka Logic said...

Just the most precious things ever... and how lucky to have Auntie Mimi..

Annmarie Pipa said...

congrats congrats. they are beautiful.

hotpants™ said...

I've seen the pics on FB. So precious!

Mamarazzi said...

these babies are gorgeous. is it just me or do they look like your boys?

my uterus aches.

beautiful post.

i am in love with my nieces and nephews too. i totally get it.

Stephanie McCall said...

ahhh stop it! they are so cute!!!

Allyson said...

When you posted on FB about their first skin to skin time, I nearly melted from the adorableness of it all. My biffy in Chicago had her twins, one boy and one girl, at 35 weeks. I think it's just really really hard to carry them to full term. But they are also healthy and doing well. Congratulations to your brother and SIL on the family additions and congratulations to you on your status of aunt. It really is the BEST!

Sarah Kate said...

Aren't they the cutest?! No wonder you can't stay away from them!!!

That is so sweet how they reacted when put together. These boys are going to be close, that's for sure!

McVal said...

A. DOR. A. BLE!!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness...they are just the sweetest, most precious, most adorable little boys. Glad they're doing OK :)

Emmy said...

Love that he cooed when they were put together!! That is just so so cute!!!