Friday, July 27, 2012

Teal and Yellow: It's the Next Avocado and Orange. Promise.

You know how it is. Things come and go. And often they come back around. The pastel take on turquoise and yellow reminds me a lot of the pastel craze in the 80's.

Color blocking is back. Another 80's trend. Hunter green and burgundy were all the rage in the 90's.

And the infamous avocado and  orange were a huge hit in the 70's. Remember The Brady Bunch back in the late 60's? Gold. **shudders**

So I know that the turquoise and yellow are a fad that will die. They're too bold to be classic. Does that make any sense?

I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon with all of the new styles. Never got on that burlap thing, I will never be a die hard fan of yellow and I'm still refusing to read Twilight. Wait. What? Scratch that last one.

My point is this: I'll never re-do a room in turquoise and yellow. I know that it will die and I'll eventually look like those loons (aka: grandma. as in my grandma.) with green shag carpet and clear protectors on my couch.

But, eventually, color schemes tend to wear on me. They're in my face all the time and every new blog I visit screams "turquoise and yellow!!"

And sooner or later I jump on that damn bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I'm more like hanging on to the back and my feet are stirring up all kinds of dust because I just can't commit completely and haul myself up to take a seat.

All this to tell you and show you what I did to my hallway. I've always wanted a cool picture wall but I'm not committed to doing that in the living room. Yet. Or maybe never. I don't know.

I've always lined the walls in the hall with photos in wood or black frames. Here are a couple of pictures that I took with my cell when I realized, "Oh! This could be a project, maybe I could take some shots." I always think that in the middle of a project. Dang it.

don't look too close.

I went to the store and got this:

Loved these two Krylon colors. Bright Idea and Blue Ocean Breeze.

Took down all of my picture frames.

I did leave some of the black ones up. I thought a contrast color would be nice.

At some point in the spray paint fume fog I decided red would be a good compliment too! RED!! BRIGHT RED!!! FUN!!!

HEY! I have some RED!!! I could use that!! See all the !!!!? Yep. I was high.

Here I am at some point in the process of painting...haven't cracked the Blue Ocean Breeze open yet.

Oh, yeah, that's gonna be cute. 

I can't show you what happened next because I'd prefer to forget it. I will tell you that after I hung everything back up in the hall and glanced down there on my way to the other room I though, "Holy hell, Kindergarten barfed in my hall!"

And that's when I got queasy. Because it meant that I'd have to take those RED!!! frames down and repaint them. And, yes, RED!!!! was the culprit.

So I did. I took em down, painted them yellow and blue and I think I even painted one black. Funny. It was black before I painted it red. See? Funny. NOT!

I didn't take a picture of the Kindergarten hall. The thought never crossed my mind. I was too traumatized.

And of course, a quick way to change your look is to change out the pictures in the frames too. So I went through all of my horded pictures from 2003 to 2012 and pulled out some different ones.

When I was done I took some after shots for you. I don't think it's totally done, but here's what I got so far.

The bonus is that when the fad dies, I can repaint those bad boys. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll love it til I die, but I give it two years at the most.

Man, that swag on the back wall needs to go STAT! I have plans for that wall...we'll see if I ever do em or not. I don't want to put too much work into the yellow/blue thing because then I'll feel like I have to keep it and I just don't wanna tie myself down. Don't back me into a corner. Don't hold me back. Don't bring me down, man! 


Where did that come from?

What do you think of the whole fad thing with colors? Do you tend to march to your own drummer or do you jump on the bandwagon?


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Myya said...

Come do mine k, it NEEEEDS you!

Mamarazzi said...

i LOVE this. i am inspired, but lazy. come do mine after you do Myya's.

does that sound dirty?

Crazymamaof6 said...

I march to my own drummer.Well maybe a teen beat. I'm rocking hot pink and black in my living room. With that black and white damask print which may be on trend but almost on it's way out I'm realizing. Pink is forever for me.

Fun new look. The red part was hilarious. Live and learn

Sarah Kate said...

I love it, Macey! The colors look great and I love the black as an accent! The pictures in the frames look great, too! I think you're gonna wanna leave it for awhile. :o)

I 100% do not follow fads with my house. The thought scares me because I hate projects. I want to do something once and be done with it, so I try to go with classic colors that won't go out of style. It's easier, and I'm just lazy.

Sheila said...

Looks great!! I love it!!
Now you make me want to take all my pics down in my hallway and get to painting too! LOL!

Mrs. Petrie said...

Nice! I think it looks so cheery in your hallway. I sometimes add a new color into our house, but not usually. I just do what I like. :)

becca said...

love it

Stephanie McCall said...

I love it!! It is super cute!!!

Steph said...

Me likey! Teal is my favorite color!

McVal said...

LOVE that! Good job. I'm more of a black or wood frame kind of gal for my house. But my husband got me boring by insisting on just white/cream walls for resale value... So I really need to break out of this shell and do something radical like this!

The Random Blogette said...

I always tell myself that I want to do something with browns and blues. Then it is mustard yellow and gray. Then something else. Good thing I never have the money to do it or I would be changing colors every year. And Dave would kill me.

Beth said...

LOL- I am currently wearing a teal top and a yellow skirt (and further color blocking with a brown short jacket and red shoes). Love your primary colors! ;)

I think adding hints of color like with colored frames on a neutral wall is a brilliant way to bring space and lightness to an area without overwhelming it. Well done!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

YAY! It looks great! I don't follow the trends at all. My house is bare :( Jeremy doesn't like "clutter" which pretty much means, "don't you dare put anything on the walls Elizabeth Mary!" Yep, my middle name is Mary. Elizabeth Mary . . . don't I sound like a nun? Anyway. I stick to neutrals, but I love a little color pop! :)

Mrs. Match said...

I admire your bold choices. I'm so boring. Black frames on beige walls. ZZZZ. But I just can't bring myself to use color. I finally put up fabric drapes in the living room and they are (gasp!) a light blue. But still not bold.
I love that you can just paint over them if you get tired of them.
I need a picture wall, but we don't have a long hallway. I'm thinking maybe the staircase?

tara said...


Connie Weiss said...

It looks great!

I have the dumbest question for you.

WHERE did you buy the spray paint? I looked for some at Micheals the other day and couldn't find spray.

Do i have to go to Home Depot or something?

Amy said...

Love that! What a difference a pop of color makes! Now I want to spray paint everything in the house, lol. Would you consider sharing here?

Ducky said...

The blank one is my favorite! :D I love color so of course I am loving this. I too have been on a "sprucing up" spree. Just finished painting the room at Irishman's that will be Lil Duck's room and in the process now of putting down new flooring. Its so much fun! Next I'm redoing his downstairs bathroom. The "other" woman had HORRID decorating taste. was like walking into a nursing home. Blech.

oh...heh...don't tell him I said that. mmmmkay? Thanks :O)

Kelley @ said...

So pretttttty! I was kinda leery of the red when you told me about it.. just wanted to throw that out there.. although Im pretty sure I told you it would look great. I was trying to be nice. But look how nice it turned out after all! Yayyyy!!

Hahahaha.. Im awesome. Not really but I crack myself up. :)

Meg said...

LOL@ HolleeAnn's comment! hahahaha!

I know what you mean. I hated red my whole life until it was a fad around 2001/2002 to have a red kitchen. Then, I became obsessed and started replacing my life long beloved orange everythings with red everythings.
Aaaaand I regretted it 2 years later. My mother in law still mails me red things with a note that says, "I thought you might like this because it is red." Nice reminder that I followed a fad.

Every spring I obsess over grass green to the point that I nearly bought a bright green velour settee for my living room 2 months ago. By october, I KNOW I would have been like..."what the heck am I going to do with this big green thing? it's so...GREEN".

Love the spraypainted frame idea. Know what's REALLY fun? Get some cheap thrift store frames for 25 cents in the same sizes as your teal frames, and paint them orange. THEN, when fall rolls around you can take down the teal, and hang up pics of your kiddies in at the pumpkin patch in those places and pretty much die over the cuteness of your hallway because it's all halloweeny with the black yellow and orange.

cute craft!

Sela Toki said...

Great job with the picture frames. Love it Mimi. I don't dare mess with painting. Or with any kind of crafting whatsoever. LOL. Love the colors. Have a great day.

Karen Peterson said...

That is such a fun idea! I think I know what I'm doing this weekend...

Mama-Face said...

I love your use of teal and yellow!

This post makes me think of the blue & mauve craze of the '80's. (I know-you're too young to remember.) I went crazy, even went so far as blue and mauve carpet. Not in the same room thankfully. I do like to decorate in the 'in' colors of the time. Makes life interesting. :)

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

Regardless of fads, colours stay around forever and do what you want to do anyway.

I don't follow fads, I buy what I like and to hell with what "society" dictates.

Neon is also back and it's reminding me of the 80s when I had socks and bangles and sunglasses.

Yellow is a colour I prefer for accessories or as an accent colour. So pic frames work well.