Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Master Bedroom - Complete Overhaul {Part IV)

Yeah...so...I'm kind of bored now of the whole "lemme show you all the crap I did to my bedroom."

But here are the first three posts, if you are so inclined.
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So I'm going to post the pictures of the before, write a list of the small things I did, link you to the tute on my artwork and possibly surprise you with my awesome ability to improvise.

Here's the before pictures of the room...I'll break it all down for ya.

1. Painted the room gray.
2. Took out all of the furniture and refinished it in white.
3. Moved bookcase to a completely different room.
4. Bought new lamps.
5. Spray painted the candle holders on the wall on either side of the bed white.
6. Changed the look of the candles by simply wrapping in scrapbook paper to match my colors.
7. Bought new bedding.
8. Took the picture boards on the wall on the right down.
9. Moved the silhouettes.
10. Took the "Always, Forever and No Matter What" sign down and moved to a different room.
11. Removed the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" vinyl from the wall.
12.  Recovered headboard.
13. Made pillow covers to recover the throw pillows.
14. Added shutter door to corner where bookcase was and hung the pictures from the picture boards with tiny clothespins.

Finished product:

Here's the view from the head of the bed before...

1. Removed shelves from the corner above the armoire.
2. Refinished armoire.
3. Changed the look of the shelf on the left above the blanket rack by simply spray painting the shelves to black from wood grain.
4. Removed sign from closet door, words from above, and clock.
5. Way to the left you can see a white picture frame thing with dangling hearts. Next to it was a black one with brown distressing on it. I took the black one down and sprayed it completely black and changed the ribbon from brown to black to match the room.
6. Bought 2 new blankets on clearance to put on the blanket rack that match my room better.
7. Changed decor on the shelf by spray painting a frame, finding two old books for decoration and then replaced the clock over the armoire with one I already had that matched better.

After picture...

Whoops. Must be before I added the hope chest back in, huh? Oh well.

Here's some artwork that I added at the very last above my bed.

I used this tutorial that I found on Pinterest. I painted the outside of the rolls black and inside white with the exception of a few that I painted gray on the inside just for fun. It turned out that it makes a really cool visual effect though, it almost looks like it's a painting when looking at it from the entry of the room.

I also ended up needing a way to "frame" this art so I found a piece of cardboard that I had saved in the garage (because I save everything like that, just in case, ya know.) and the black plastic framing pieces from another piece I had had a craft fail with year or so ago.

I had bought 2 standard size pillow cases in that teal color to match the room just in case I needed them. I stuck the cardboard inside the case and trimmed the case to fit the cardboard. Added the black frame edges and hot glued the rolls onto the pillow case fabric.

This art cost me...ZERO. And I love that.

I started pinning my ideas for a master bedroom redo a couple months back. I only had about 20 pins and if you click here you can see the board.

I actually stuck pretty close to my idea of what I wanted it to look like.

Surprising for me! Now, there are a thousand other little adjustments I made in the hanging of pictures, replacement of objects I had laying around, but I'm not going to bore you (or myself!) with those.

This is the last of my redo posts of my bedroom. I redid my master bath at the same time but nothing exciting really happened in there. After repainting the only thing I needed was to get some new towels for decor and change out the color of ribbon on my curtains from brown to black. I also put different color scrapbook paper in the window art to match the new colors and added gray rugs.

The thing that I love the most about this redo is that it's so easily changeable. If I get tired of teal, I buy a new hand towel and replace the paper in the artwork and BOOM. Totally different look.

Same with the bedroom...spray paint the things I had painted teal with whatever color I choose, say red for example, and make new pillow covers in red fabric and BOOM again. Completely different look.

Now. By using everything that I already had and only purchasing about 100 dollars worth of paint for the walls and different colors of spray paint and furniture paint and buying new and inexpensive bedding, shopping clearance for the blankets and repurposing everything I already had, I spent right around $200 for this entire redo.

Not to dang shabby, if I do say so myself. I recycled, repurposed and saved money.

I'm pretty please with myself, actually!

It's proof that you really can (even if you are as inept as I) redo the look of any room in your house for not very much money. 

It just takes time, flexibility and low expectations. HA!

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stephanie said...

it is beautiful! I cannot get over how perfect the wall color is!

stephanie said...
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Sarah Kate said...

I love the white photo thingy in the corner and the artwork over the bed - that really tied the colors together nicely!

Bathroom looks great, too! Is it just me or does the gray actually make everything look cleaner? Not saying your room looked dirty before at all, just that I think the gray makes everything really crisp. Ahhhh, I'm horrible at explaining what I mean...

Emmy said...

Okay that art work you made kicks butt! You should have taken pictures along the way as it could be the hottest tutorial on pinterest! Seriosuly love love it!

Heathers Happenings said...

I really love it! You did a fantastic job.

tara said...

you did such a great job! looks awesome!

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

Looks great!

Mamarazzi said...

it really is beautiful. i need to follow your lead. my master bedroom is lacking the love. it is always the last place i decorate...which is sad, considering it is an important room, or should be in a healthy happy marriage...in my opinion.

so did the hot sex get even better? just curious.

Connie Weiss said...

Mimi...I have those EXACT same towels. My accent color is yellow.

Mrs. Petrie said...

That art work is awesome! It looks 3D coming off the screen. Your room looks so refreshed. I need to do this in my bedroom in the near future.

Xazmin said...

I really really love your bedroom. I need to do mine sooo bad! I have the low expectations...I just don't have the energy to meet those low expectations!

Mindie Hilton said...

Wish we could trade, I hate my master bedroom now. Yours is lovely. Good work girl. Thanks for sharing. I am finally having time to comment since boss made me stay home today. I had a bout of food poison or stomach flu this week, it was nasty, seriously I was a wreck. Feeling better today but my cuties have been banned until Monday. Hope you are well.