Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Not a Soccer Mom

I hate that whole stereotype. I hate stereotypes, actually.

When Big Boy was 6 years old, at the beginning of 1st grade, we signed him up for Fall Soccer.

I hated it.

I hated:

1. the soggy fields
2. the other parents
3. the coach
4. the "I'm the star player" attitude of the coach's kid
5. the rain
6. sitting in uncomfortable lawn chairs.
7. the cold
8. certain kids getting favored
9. snack day
10. the other kids
11. the fact that my kid ended up worn out every other day their was practice or a game

Yeah, that was easy. Maybe too easy!

I'm not a team player. Not that I want the glory for myself...I'm not like that...I just don't like that to be a team player I have to play well with others.

Don't get me wrong. I can play well with others...I just don't like to. And I don't like pretending because I'm not very good at it.

Let's not delve into the reasons behind this attitude of mine because I'm afraid of what we'll find, okay? Suffice it to say: I don't like being a "soccer mom."

That being said...Lemme tell you about my situation now.

I'm a basketball mom.

I'm going to have 2 kids playing basketball with overlapping practice times at 2 different locations that aren't all that close to each other.

And who knows when their games are...I'm almost positive that they'll be on the same nights with some crap overlap schedule just like their practices.

I'm hoping that I'll like it at least a little because:

1. it's inside!
2. bleachers to sit on?
3. crap. that's all I got.

Now what? I'll let ya know how it goes, first practice was last night!

Lord help me.


Annmarie Pipa said...

good luck!! Basketball is tough..5 kids play, and one is always the coaches kid.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I am so so so with you. Jeremy was really pushing the girls to do sports, so a couple years ago Kenners tried Soccer. I hated it SO much for all of the reasons you listed above and MORE. I never played sports when I was younger {I was always wrapped up in dance class, recitals, and then dance team when I got older}. So, I just don't get it, I guess. Luckily, Kenners hated it too. Cracks me up to think about it now, that we had *Kenners* try sports out. The girl who hates to run or be bothered exerting herself in any way, lol!

Sarah said...

I was not a fan of soccer, but basketball was great! In any kid sport, you'll always have the coach's kid... But you're INDOORS! Basketball is more fun to watch! IT'S INDOORS!! :)

Heathers Happenings said...

Good luck MiMi! I couldn't be a soccer mom either.

McVal said...

Oh you poor woman!!! We never encouraged sports... Yep, I'm THAT mom...
I was the one secretly cheering when my sons softball team lost and couldn't go on to the playoffs! He was 9. Those mosquitos and bleacher seats were killing me.

Furry Bottoms said...

So how did it go?

Catherine said...

A good book and earplugs ... that's all I've got. LOL

Sela Toki said...

Hello dear Mimi, it's been too long and thanks for commenting on my post. Laughing when I was reading this because, like yourself, I just don't like soccer. I'm a football and basketball mom and loving it. LOL. Can't stop smirking when it comes to overlapping schedules. I know how that goes. Great post and keep 'em coming.

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

You're gonna need to get you one of those bleacher pad things to sit on. Bleachers sound nice until you sit on them for an hour. :o)

Emmy said...

How did it go?? Hopefully good. And yes it is so crazy and hard sometimes being a "soccer" or basketball mom. Indoors is definitely good

Misty said...

My kids had soccer practice on the same night at the same time on two different fields. Thankfully, the fields were at the same place. Games overlapped and were sometimes at the exact same time. Thankfully, the grandparents helped out when my husband couldn't. I love it though. I'm totally a sports mom. I don't have a bad attitude, but it's nice knowing my kids are athletic. Like their Mommy! ;)

Michelle said...

Those bleachers are hard! lol We just ended football season, middle school girl's basketball season, and trap shooting season. I feel your pain.

Steph said...

I'm not sure it will be much better. Sorry to burst your bubble. In basketball there are people who get way into it and will probably even yell at your boys.

Please get pictures when you have to tell them off. Or better yet, have someone record it.

Christina said...

I remember going to my brother's soccer games as a kid and hating it because of the cold and rain. It's miserable in the PNW!

Mrs. Match said...

Good luck! All the sports kids do now, it seems like there's a lot of pressure on them, and lots of time commitment on the parent. Hope you enjoy basketball more than soccer!

Jen said...

ha! My oldest son just started basketball too!! He loves it! It is hard when practices overlap (and they aren't at the same place)...good luck! Can't wait to hear updates :)

Meg said...

soccer was SUCH a pain for me because my kids didn't even love it. It was a battle to get them dressed and ready to go every time. I made them stick it out for the season, then threatened my husband with unkind words when he even mentioned signing them up the following year. Not our thing. THey're loving tennis right now, though. Cheers for basketball!

Mrs. Petrie said...

Is it bad that I wish I didn't have to do activities. The driving, the waiting, the cost, the lack of effort on my kids' part...bleh.

Connie said...

There is a very good reason why my kids don't play soccer.

Xazmin said...

Um, bleachers are WAY more uncomfortable than lawn chairs!

I hope you have a fun time though. Bookworm did basketball for several years. I truly love basketball, but here the bball parents are UG-LY!

Worse than soccer, but really - I'm with you. I don't like the other parents. ;)