Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Toilet Paper Christmas

How's that for a weird post name?

Y'all. I'm obsessed. Thanks Pinterest. I can never throw out another toilet paper, paper towel or wrapping paper roll.

After a few months of hoarding I was able to glue a bunch of em together to make some sparkly snowflakes...

Toilet paper sparkly snowflake banner.

I cut the rolls into four pieces, sprayed them with glue and then put them in a baggie with glitter. They were already white. Boom.

But that wasn't enough. Oh no, not nearly enough.

I also had some natural colored toilet paper rolls. Natural...? Fancy way of saying brown, I guess.

I wanted to leave these "rustic" and so I glued em together and strung em up.

Yes, you can see the print but I don't care. I actually really like em. You can't see it from a distance.

Anyway. Here are some other ideas I stole from Pinterest.

I just spray painted a frame red and found this printable online. Dry erase marker and voila! I can't find the link so if you do find it will you pass it on so I can give it credit? 

This is another printable. Love this saying.

Paper cone trees. Not perfect but they get the job done.

So I have a bunch of really easy and new (sort of, i saved the tp rolls forevah) and FREE Christmas decor.

Wonder how many trips to the bathroom we took to get all those TP rolls...?

Sorta gross.

Do you have any new, easy, inexpensive decorations this year? Do you think my snowflakes are crappy? Haha. Get it?



Connie said...

Those are so cute!

But I'm still not saving those rolls. They were in the BATHROOM!

I have a cone.....don't know what to do with it. I think I bought it last year. Maybe.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

how fun! never seen them as snow flakes!

stephanie said...

I'm stealing the countdown idea tomorrow! I LOVE it!

Sela Toki said...

I will never look at toilet papers the same way again. It is amazing. Great idea.

Furry Bottoms said...

toilet paper snowflakes!! Thats clever!!! :)

McVal said...

LOVE those snowflakes!!!! Now I know what to do with mine! I was just thinking this morning as I changed rolls that I should get the kids to make something out of them with their cousins this year when they're sitting around bored and wondering when everyone will go home...

France Forever 24/7 said...

Cute, creatively clever, Christmas idea!

Christina said...

What? Who knew toilet paper rolls could be so chic?! I love it. I also really love the stable print. Does it look like that or did you transfer it to wood? Very cute stuff! My idea of crafty decorating this year was dumping a box of non-breakable ball ornaments into a shatterproof vase. Kids! Haha.

Annmarie Pipa said...

what a great use of stuff we would throw away!! perfect. you get the green award!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Love, love, love! I'm not sure what I love the most {though that manger print is lovely!} I love your craftiness! And I'm vowing to be a better blog friend in 2013 ;) Merry Merry Christmas, Friend!