Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Christmas Decor - Using What You Have

I had my house fully decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm that woman.

But to spare you all from the irritation of my anal decorating habits I decided to wait until after the 1st of December to share.

You. Are. Welcome.

So if you were to see my many, many totes full of Christmas decor you'd probably thing I was a hoarder. Usually I put at least half of it out. It can look like Christmas threw up in my house sometimes.

This year I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to put enough out that it looked like I was decorated, but not so much that it takes me hours upon hours to do it.

A couple years ago I became addicted to balls. Yes, balls. Christmas balls. You know, the ornament balls? So many people were using them for stuff besides decorating the tree. So after the holidays a couple years back I scored about eleventy million balls for about 5 bucks.

Here are some of my new ways to display my balls.

a mini cake dish without the lid.

 a vintage dessert bowl from my grandma.

a pampered chef bowl. i took the pedestal part off and placed the "hope" sign on that.

Bowls full of balls!
that cute wood block was made by the awesome Meg! I would link her but she's private, yo. i'm on the exclusive guest list. although, come to think of it, i'm such a stinkin' loser i haven't visited in for-evah'! 
sorry, Meg.

Balls in apothecary jars. Classin' it up.

And that is how I display my balls! 

And of course, it's just not Christmas around here until these things come out.

My crocheted snow couple!
also note the picture of my boys with santa. i like to put those kinds of pictures around to remind us of Christmas past.

 Christmas tree! (not a holiday tree, people.)

 Snow people!

More balls! And a cute picture of my boys with Santa on the Polar Express. The frame was made by Shawn and I love it!

And my awesome wreath! Which you can't see very well because my picture here sucks! Balls. Ha! But hey, enjoy that white basket that I totally redid by myself (proud) with the silver poinsettia stuff.

Seriously Shawn


becca said...

love this what a great idea balls in bowls

Karen Peterson said...

Okay, I got stuck on "anal decorating habits" and could barely get through the rest of this post.

Those are some great ideas!

Emmy said...

We have an insane amount of stuff too and yea I think i didn't put up about two buckets worth. I like what you did with all your balls. And you really took pleasure in using the word balls so many times in your post huh?

I am excited for Friday-- have to get my post and all the other stuff all ready still :)

Connie said...

You said balls.

I think I'm missing a bucket because I didn't find my garland.

Or my Christmas lights.

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

Your balls are huge! lol.

Have not even bothered this year, like so many years, no one to do it for.

stephanie said...

you have lots of balls!

and I'm with you decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I love it!

Lori E said...

You've got some balls there Mimi.
Have you ever made a wreath with them? I love crafting but almost pulled my hair out over that project.

Heathers Happenings said...

I love your balls MiMi! They are awesome balls :)

Beth W said...

PRETTY! As someone who doesn't have a tree, thanks to allergies and space, I love the concept of using balls elsewhere. But where oh where did you get those gorgeous apothecary jars??

Lauren E said...

I love all your decorations! Your balls are beautiful. :)

McVal said...

It's all just adorable! I was trying to come up with something funny to say about balls, but everything came out dirty sounding...

McVal said...

Oh! You're so ballsy!

Sela Toki said...

So very merry beautiful Mimi. Love it.

Christina said...

You have so many balls. I just love your balls. Amazing, Christmassy balls.

I could go on. Haha! I really love this idea though, especially in apothecary jars! I have to wait until my kids are a little older. Milo thinks anything spherical is a real ball and with throw it at the windows, tv, our heads...

I have not yet decorated. I'm usually a day after Thanksgiving person too. I gotta get on it. Only 20 days left!!

Meg said...

oh this just made my day! I'm glad you like the sign!

PS, your balls are out. :)

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Dang.. thats alot of balls. ;)

Shawn said...

I'm so glad you don't decorate in blues for Christmas, having Blue Balls would be no fun at all!

I forgot I sent you that frame...ahhh, love!

jennykate77 said...

You said "balls".

I love how you display your balls. It's quite lovely!

Your house looks so pretty and festive!

I need to get some balls. I mean, I have some balls...but not enough to do the things that you do with balls. I'm having ball inferiority complex. It's a real issue. You can Google it.

Miss your face! Hope all is well in France! ;) ~JK

Mrs. Match said...

Great ideas! I have a bunch of ornaments I didn't put up. Maybe I'll put some out in a vase.

Mrs. Petrie said...

Lovely! We usually wait until mid-December to put up the tree. Maybe I should think about throwing away the pumpkin in front of my house?

Annmarie Pipa said...

I put my sparkly decorations in vase for the first time this yr...I love the way it looks...it is a centerpiece!
your place would put anyone in the Christmas spirit...good for you!